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Welcome to The LinkedIn GPS Cohort: Your Roadmap to LinkedIn Mastery!

  • 👉 Feeling Overwhelmed by LinkedIn’s Ever-Changing Landscape?
  • 👉 Tired of Missing Out on New Features and Opportunities?
  • 👉 Ready for Consistent, Explosive Growth on LinkedIn?

You’re not alone. LinkedIn is THE platform for business, but let’s face it-it can be a maze. That’s why we’ve created **LinkedIn GPS Cohort**, your ultimate guide to navigating LinkedIn’s complexities with ease and confidence.

I specialize in LinkedIn Navigation for solopreneurs and small businesses. Your strategies are not the same as those with large teams and employees. I personally tailor your support to your needs. ~Laura

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We’re not just a training program.
We’re your growth partners.

Our unique approach ensures you’re not just keeping up with LinkedIn’s changes—you’re staying ahead of them. And the best part? All of this contributes to your bottom line, offering an ROI that’s hard to beat.

What you can expect when you join The LinkedIn GPS Cohort?

  • Ongoing Support & Guidance: No more second-guessing. We’re with you every step of the way.
  • Qualified Leads: Say goodbye to cold calls and hello to a pipeline full of prospects eager to work with you.
  • Brand Recognition: Become a household name in your industry.
  • Content Creation: Never run out of things to say. We’ll help you craft content that resonates.
  • Network Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and potential partners.

You already know that LinkedIn is THE platform for business.

Let’s face it – LinkedIn can feel like a maze!

The LinkedIn GPS Cohort is the ultimate solution to (actually) grow your business using LinkedIn.

Never feel lost again. With Laura and the Cohort supporting you, you are not alone.

Here’s How It Works:
Your Roadmap to LinkedIn Mastery


👉 Immediate Access to 50+ Hours of On-Demand Training

Why wait when you can start now? Dive into our extensive library of training modules that cover everything from the basics to advanced strategies. Perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses looking to hit the ground running.


👉 Monthly Masterclasses on LinkedIn Strategies

Each month, we bring you a masterclass focused on actionable LinkedIn strategies for solopreneurs and small businesses. Learn from industry experts and stay ahead of the curve.


👉 Office hours with 1:1 Group Laser Coaching

Ever experienced Group Laser Coaching? If not, you’re in for a treat! Our founder, Laura, works with each member individually within a group setting until all your questions are answered. 

It’s like having a personal coach and a support group all in one!


👉 Office hours with 1:1 Group Laser Coaching

Need quick answers? Our private SLACK channel is your go-to hub for networking, collaboration, and real-time support. 

Laura is active M-F and most weekends, ensuring you get the answers you need, when you need them.


👉 Office hours with 1:1 Group Laser Coaching

In addition to our monthly sessions, each quarter we offer special masterclasses on hot topics like content creation, brand building, and lead generation. Keep your LinkedIn game fresh and relevant.


👉 Unique Onboarding Process

We get it—joining a new program can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve designed a unique onboarding process to help you get the most value right from day one.

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Don’t spend another unproductive minute on LinkedIn – Turn on YOUR GPS and start heading in the right direction!

Your journey awaits!
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“I earned my Top Business Coaching Voice badge on LinkedIn!! Thank you!!

I actually thought they had done away with [endorsements] until your LinkedIn Masterclass! You are amazing and I recommend you regularly!”

Diane M.

You need answers now…

Cohort members enjoy exclusive access to feedback from Laura within 24 hours!

How does she do this?!

The LinkedIn GPS Cohort Slack Channel gives members daily support so that you don’t get stuck or discouraged when you are trying to implement what you are learning.

Got a question? Get an answer.


What’s Included Inside Your Membership?

Membership Details

Inside the LinkedIn GPS Cohort

Let’s break it down for you…

  • LinkedIn is THE place for business growth
  • Navigating LinkedIn will put your business on an upward trajectory
  • LinkedIn drives over 46% of all website traffic

For most of our Members, just 1 new client covers their annual investment in the Cohort making all the rest pure profits!

Take Action Now…Your Clients Are on LinkedIn Waiting for You

Join Today – Only $97/month Only $997/annual (save $316)

Grow your business every month:

Hello friend

LinkedIn has been my #1 source for leads, clients and partnerships and I’ve now trained hundreds of others in The Barker 20 System and my other systems which have given them their proven blueprint for cracking the code on LinkedIn.

When you have a GPS in your “LinkedIn pocket”, you always have the guidance you need when you need it! The LinkedIn GPS Cohort stands apart from other training systems because I have combined the value of “high-touch” with the economy of “group coaching”! I can’t wait to be with you on your journey to success!


The Barker Business Solutions Coaching Program uses a holistic approach to grow your business. Our core values are embodied by 3 key principles:

  • Integrity
  • Results Rule
  • Responsive

Access to All Masterclasses, Here is a Sampling…

LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Solopreneurs

Master LinkedIn profile optimization in our 90-min session! Uncover common mistakes, learn effective strategies, and transform your profile into a lead magnet.

Using Social Proof Posts to Get New Clients

Are you using social proof in your social media content? Is it working? Social proof is the most powerful asset you have to grow your business. There is a strategy to using it effectively without feeling like you are bragging. Learn how to use social proof to actually help your audience and get new clients.

Harnessing AI and ChatGPT for LinkedIn Success

Designed to supercharge your LinkedIn strategy using the prowess of AI and ChatGPT. Discover the secrets to working SMART, optimizing every step of your LinkedIn journey. From creating magnetic content that draws your audience in, to building genuine connections, this session has it all. Experience a surge in LinkedIn visibility, foster deeper audience relationships, and arm yourself with actionable blueprints for instant results.

Take action today and don’t let this chance pass you by!

Join Today – Only $97/month Only $997/annual (save $316)

* $149 Membership Kickstart Fee (One-time $246 and $97 ongoing)