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These are a few of our favorite things and we trust they'll become your favorites too!

NOTE: In full disclosure and as an example of a great way of creating multiple streams of income, we want to let you know that we may have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies whose products or services we recommend.  This means that we may earn a commission or credit if you decide to buy any of their products. We urge you to not spend any money on any of these products or services without doing your own due diligence.

Business Training and Networking

Women's Prosperity Network - The Community that Equips Women to Succeed in Business and In Life! WPN has been instrumental in helping me build and market my business! You get great training on all things business, live coaching, networking, and SO much MORE! I'm a lifetime member and get valuable help every week! Check them out today - hope to see you there!

LinkedIn Tools

AuthoredUp - Free chrome extension providing an all-in-one tool for content creation on LinkedIn Find ideas, write content, analyze performance, and reuse your best posts

Free LinkedIn X-Ray Tool - unlimited LinkedIn Searches so you never have to worry about exceeding search limits and getting suspended!

Time-Saving Tools

Getmagical - more than a text expander! save time with snippets, data transfers and more!

Toggl - Time Management Tool

Editing Tools

Grammarly - helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other app you use. Even in text messages! Write Better in Seconds. Get ...

Messletters - Fancy font generator that can be used on LinkedIn and other platforms that don't have options for fonts, etc. Simply choose your font, copy and paste into LinkedIn (or elsewhere) for the look you want to help you standout!

Wordcounter - Incredible tool allowing you to dictate, auto-word count, word density, reading level, time to speak, time to read, and more!

Video Tools

Descript - AI video editing tool that works more like a PowerPoint! Create and edit videos with ease for use on any platform.

Loom - Free screen recorder for Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS, and Android. It’s quick to install, easy to use, and lets you create and share videos. I use it most often for quick instruction videos and more! - turn your text or script into videos. Customizable. Lots of stock footage, images, and music!

Wistia - Video Hosting alternative to Vimeo - designed specifically for marketers

Generative AI Tools

ChatGPT - If you are using it, it's time to start!

AIPRM - Your "prompt" toolkit with automatic integration with ChatGPT. Create sophisticated prompts with one-click

"Dall-e" - THE free tool for creating original AI-generated images! Check out this one it created for me. I simply told it I wanted an abstract image with thought/comment bubble using reds and blues! So much FUN!

ScribeUse this tool to instantly create guides. It captures your "clicks" and adds pics and instructions!


Flaticon - Access 10.1M+ vector icons & stickers

Unsplash - The internet’s source for visuals. Powered by creators everywhere. I love the images I find on Unsplash.

About Laura Barker, JD

Laura Barker is an international business owner and consultant who works with business owners to maximize their growth opportunities while minimizing risk. 

Successful businesses recognize the value of investing in themselves (for marketing lead generation and product development as well as building a strong and secure foundation) while also investing in their employees, who are the lifeblood of the business.

Laura has developed a unique system for consistently booking 1:1 Meetings with your ideal client using LinkedIn. She offers Masterclasses and a host of resources to guide her students to success!

Her business acumen spans across a variety of industries including having founded her own law firm, co-founding an internationally successful retail business and consulting for a wide spectrum of businesses including: manufacturing, retail, professional service businesses, and many more.

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