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LinkedIn Profile Audit

Optimize your profile
Attract YOUR ideal clients
Delivered to you within 72 hours
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Essential LinkedIn 

Guides Bundle

Safeguard your LinkedIn account
Using Creator Mode and Analytics
Must have sections for your profile
Power searching on LinkedIn
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4 Quick Videos to Kick start Your LinkedIn Journey!

Master Your Banner Picture
5 LinkedIn Goals & the Strategies to Achieve Them
Is Your Ideal Client Profile Bringing You New Clients?
How to get FREE Unlimited Searches on LinkedIn
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30-min LinkedIn

Laser tune-up

Need a quick tune-up on a section of your Profile?
Need help with your company page?
Need a content strategy review?
You name it - you got it! Get your tune-up today!
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Tools Every Business 

Needs To Succeed

Starting a business?
Make sure you have the basics covered
In this 20 minute video, learn about the different tools, expenses and planning you need to succeed!
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Featured Product

Profile Audit

Is your LinkedIn Profile attracting your ideal clients on auto-pilot?

Let's ensure your LinkedIn profile does exactly that with the Barker Business Solutions profile audit!

Laura will conduct a thorough audit of your entire profile and provide you with easy-to-follow instructions to bring about those essential changes.

 It's time to let your LinkedIn profile shine and attract your ideal clientele!

For a limited time, you also get a post-audit session with Laura to answer your questions! Take advantage of this while it is still available at the special discount!

Your Questions Answered

What if I don't have a profile yet?

That's the best place to start! You can get out of the starting gate with strategies in place to bring you the best results.

We'll take time to identify your target audience, your unique positioning and ensure that you're starting out on the right foot.

How much time will this require?

For the course, every week you'll want to set aside the 90-minute session, plus 30 minutes to implement to suggested improvements to your profile and engagement strategies.

After the course, I recommend a minimum of 20 minutes, 5 times per week to keep your profile active and your audience engaged. (And, remember, you're spending time anyway -- wouldn't it be great to know this time is actually producing results?)

What if I can't make all the live classes?

That's okay, all the classes will be recorded and replays delivered within 24 hours. Just be sure to carve out time to watch the replay (and hey, you can even watch it on 1.5 speed so it will only take 45 minutes!)

How can I know if my ideal clients are on LinkedIn?

There are currently over 940 Million users globally. Every day, over 130 Million are active on the platform. By early 2024, LinkedIn will have over 1 Billion users! As the only business platform, you can't afford to ignore it any longer. So, regardless of your area of expertise, I'll show you how to find your ideal market and attract and engage with them so that they are more inclined to want to do business with you.

What others are saying...

If you are new to LinkedIn or if someone has recommended LI to you for your business, that's great. So you find yourself here and the word "lost" doesn't cover it. Well, don't close the window (literally) and don't fret (also literally), just dial in Laura Barker, J.D. of Barker Business Solutions. She is YOUR GPS for LI. No kidding. Easy to follow, clever to remember. And you haven't even met Laura yet! Omg! She is your LI "fairy godmother", easing your worries (after all there are only "good mistakes" - It means you are learning!) To answer your question. I will recommend her up one side and down the other. You will too! I promise.

Mary Jane Charles

Last Wishes Facilitator

I've been working with Laura Barker as a member of her LinkedIn GPS Cohort. What I love about it, and why I will always be a member, is that I know I will always get the support and specific guidance to continually improve my LinkedIn presence. Her systems work to show you how to consistently get new clients and bring value to your community through the LinkedIn platform. If you are looking for ongoing LinkedIn development, I highly recommend reaching out to Laura.

Sandy Abbate


I created a LinkedIn Newsletter after Laura made me aware of them. After the first edition, I had over 160 subscribers. Some were people I have known for years through Networking, some were past clients, and some were people I did not yet know. A past client reached out to me and wanted to hire me to work on his website. I love when I do something that actually gets results. Laura really knows her LinkedIn stuff. I highly recommend her LinkedIn GPS cohort. It is a membership where you get access to her knowledge when you need it. LinkedIn is a treasure trove of potential clients, are you getting your share? If not, see Laura.

Dotty Scott


Laura Barker is amazing!! She knows just how to use LinkedIn to have you appear polished, professional and reachable. She is a pleasure to work with and is always ready to hear new things or answer any question. Helpful hints abound when you work with her - I highly recommend Laura!

Jane Parmel

Cardinal Profit Strategies

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Worksheet for Class 

For best results, review and complete as much as possible PRIOR to the class on 9/28.