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About Laura Barker, JD

Laura Barker is an international business owner and consultant who works with business owners to maximize their growth opportunities while minimizing risk. 

Successful businesses recognize the value of investing in themselves (for marketing lead generation and product development as well as building a strong and secure foundation) while also investing in their employees, who are the lifeblood of the business.

Laura has developed a unique system for consistently booking 1:1 Meetings with your ideal client using LinkedIn. She offers Masterclasses and a host of resources to guide her students to success!

Her business acumen spans across a variety of industries including having founded her own law firm, co-founding an internationally successful retail business and consulting for a wide spectrum of businesses including: manufacturing, retail, professional service businesses, and many more.

An Accomplished Speaker, Below Are Some of Laura's Most Requested Speaking Topics

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Laura has developed a unique system for consistently booking 1:1 meeting with your ideal clients using LinkedIn. 

Using the "Barker 20" system has proven to provide a flood of qualified leads without the overwhelm, frustration and confusion most business owners experience.

Bring Laura to your community to give them the keys to the kingdom of opportunities available through LinkedIn.

How to Generate Quality Leads in 20-Minutes a Day

Do you often feel like you’re spinning your wheels, scrambling from place to place to make connections – hoping they’ll turn into quality leads for your business? If so, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place!

In this dynamic presentation, Laura shows you how to fill your pipeline with quality, targeted leads in just 20-minutes a day. Laura has used this exact system to build several businesses and has shared the system with entrepreneurs who are getting great results from their marketing efforts. 

Cracking the Code on LinkedIn

You've probably heard that LinkedIn is a great place to attract quality clients and connections, but how to do so appears a big mystery.  This presentation gives you the code to:

Have a profile that delivers credibility and attracts quality connections.
Create meaningful connections, meaning that they are connections that produce real results.
The secret to engaging on LinkedIn (which is different than other platforms).

Protecting Yourself, Your Business & Your Customers

Today's global marketplace is ripe with opportunities for growth and it's also ripe with risks. Laura is committed to ensuring business owners protect themselves, their businesses and their customers from the risks of identity theft, data breaches and more so that you can consistently grow your business with peace of mind. 

During this presentation Laura shares the top three cyber-security risks businesses today face and how you can protect yourself.

Employee Benefits

Attracting and keeping employees today is more challenging than ever. Set yourself apart from the competition and offer employee benefits that don't cost you anything!
During this presentation Laura shares how business owners can offer their employees services that:

Provide affordable legal services and representation to employees
Reduce missed days at work due to employees having to handle legal matters 
Increase productivity and efficiency as employees have less stress and more peace of mind

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"If you want to  bring high value to your organization, then bring Laura Barker to speak at your event. She delivers practical strategies that show people how to get real results in record time. Having Laura speak at my events makes me look good because she brings so much value to my audience."

Nancy Matthews

Founder, The People Skills Academy
Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network

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