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January-February 2022 Deep Dive

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Message from Laura,

You've made an excellent decision to dive deep into LinkedIn so that you can cultivate quality leads that generate clients, referrals and strategic partnerships. 

Between now and the time of our first class, follow the guidelines provided in the LinkedIn Workbook (see copy below again for your easy reference), and of course, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Go ahead and lock the class dates and the zoom link in your schedule now so that you are protecting this valuable training time. Remember, you've got a warehouse full of quality connections on LinkedIn who are waiting for you to show up --- and I'm going to show you how to do this with a proven, easy-to-follow system that makes it easy for you to shine as the expert you are!

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (865) 335-4893

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Step 1: Complete this Intake Form

Please take a few minutes to complete this Intake Form so that I may best serve you during the course. 

NOTE: Please have this completed as quickly as possible and on or before Monday, January 24th.

Step 2: Class Dates

Put these dates in your calendar now. Use the convenient link below to add to your Google, Outlook or iCal with the zoom link!

In the event you're unable to attend one of the classes, we'll have the replays right here for you --- and you have lifetime access to them as well!





















3pm to 4:30 pm (Eastern)  |  90 Minute Classes

Meeting ID 901 594 6557

Passcode: bbs2021

4 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Consistently Attract Quality Clients & Partners

Learn all the steps to take to master everything in just hours!

Module 1
Profile for Profit

First impressions count! This module gives you exactly what you need to have a profile that consistently attracts quality leads.

Module 2
The Right Connections

The winning strategy on LinkedIn is knowing how to narrow your search and connections to engage with your target audience.

Module 3 Engagement Strategies

Now that you found them, the key is in getting your ideal clients and partners to engage in a way that produces results.

Module 4 
Your System for Success

Pulling it all together with a well-defined system so that you are consistently maximizing and monetizing LinkedIn.

Class Worksheets & Templates

Week 1: Who is your ideal client?
Take a few minutes PRIOR to the first class to complete this worksheet. 

Week 2: LinkedIn "ABOUT" Section Template - 2600 Characters. This is one of the most important sections of your profile.  

Week 3: Building Your Message Trees
We'll use this worksheet together during class. Please print and bring to class.

Week 4: Your System for Success 
We'll use this worksheet together during class. Please print and bring to class.

Replay - Module 1

January 25, 2022

Module 1 Homework Assignments

Develop Your Ideal Client(s) Profile
Refine Your Headline
Write Your About Section

Replay - Module 2

February 8, 2022
Module 2 Homework Assignments

Schedule Your 1:1 with Laura
Develop Your Ideal Client/Avatar worksheet(s)
Finish Your "ABOUT" and "INTRO" Sections
Send Connection Requests - Use the Barker 20 - Set your timer! Remember to pick ONE method of connecting for your 20 minutes. This requires planning. You want a quality network and it starts with intentional connecting.

Replay - Module 3

February 15, 2022
Module 3 Homework & Assignments

Name Pronunciation Feature Activated
Give 2 and Get 2 - Give 2 recommendations on LinkedIn. Ask for 2 recommendations on LinkedIn.
Write out YOUR message trees - I will be asking you to share what you have come up with so please have it ready prior to class.

Following Up:

Ideal Client, Ideal Client, Ideal Client - This needs to be fully developed before you can really begin optimizing your LinkedIn profile. So, if you haven't spent any time on this yet, please go back to Week 1 Replay and start there.
"ABOUT" Section - Please use the worksheet to guide you in crafting your ABOUT section. Keep in mind that every word needs to be directed to your Ideal Client. Specificity breeds success!

If you haven't already done so - let's get your 1:1 scheduled. In order not to lose any momentum, please schedule our meeting by the end of the month.

Zoom Discount:

May of you asked about how to get the Enterprise level of Zoom at a discount. All you need to do is set up a free account with BeeKonnected. Here's the link to register for BeeKonnected:

Once done, you will have access to their "Rewards." You will be looking for "Bee Benefits." It will say "Activate Your Top Tier Webinar Platform Today! Only $12.99 USD a month for $140 in value!"

It doesn't actually say "Zoom" but it IS the Enterprise level of Zoom which will become clear as you move forward in the set up.

Replay - Module 4

February 22, 2022

Keep building your LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine & Implementing the Barker 20 through The LinkedIn Collaborative

We Start on March 1st - Let's Do This!

Your Questions Answered

What if I don't have a profile yet?

You're even luckier because you get start with the strategy that will bring you the greatest results!

We'll take time to identify your target audience, your unique positioning and ensure that you're starting out on the right foot.

How much time will this require?

For the course, every week you'll want to set aside the 90-minute session, plus 30 minutes to implement to suggested improvements to your profile and engagement strategies.

After the course, I recommend a minimum of 20 minutes, 5 times per week to keep your profile active and your audience engaged. (And, remember, you're spending time anyway -- wouldn't it be great to know this time is actually producing results?)

What if I can't make all the live classes?

That's okay, all the classes will be recorded and replays delivered within 24 hours. Just be sure to carve out time to watch the replay (and hey, you can even watch it on 1.5 speed so it will only take 45 minutes!)

How can I know if my ideal clients are on LinkedIn?

Right now there close to 700 million people using LinkedIn and what we know about LinkedIn users is that they operate at a higher level of commitment. So, regardless of your area of expertise, I'll show you how to find your ideal market and attract and engage with them so that they are more inclined to want to do business with you.

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Worksheet for Class 

For best results, review and complete as much as possible PRIOR to the class on 9/28.