Kudos to you for recognizing and seizing the opportunities available to you through LinkedIn.  Here's the replay from the
August 9th Masterclass.

Now, let's put what you've learned into PRACTICE.

Special Invitation to
Member of the LinkedIn GPS Cohort


Invitation to The LinkedIn GPS Cohort

Implementing The 'Barker 20' for a Consistent Flow of Leads

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If you would love to consistently generate quality leads and develop fruitful collaborations you're going to want to be in The LinkedIn GPS Cohort.

LinkedIn has been my #1 source for leads, clients and partnerships and I've now trained hundreds of others in The Barker 20 System which is their proven blueprint for cracking the code on LinkedIn.

BUT the key to having long-term success with LinkedIn is attention and intention which is why I created The LinkedIn GPS Cohort.

What you can expect when you join The LinkedIn GPS Cohort

Proven Strategies

You'll benefit from Laura's expertise with winning strategies on LinkedIn to consistently generate quality connections.

Support & Accountability

Once you've got the strategies, now it's time to put them into practice and there's no better way to stay consistent than through our built-in accountability system.


During our monthly live session as well as our private LinkedIn group, you'll have access to Laura and your cohort partners so you always move forward.

Big Business Growth

By consistently implementing The Barker 20 and the connection and engagement strategies Laura shares, you'll enjoy a continuous flow of profitable opportunities in your business.

What others are saying...

12 New Quality Leads in First Week!

When I followed Laura's system - the Barker 20 - I was amazed at my results! In the first week, I made 12 new connections and 4 of those resulted in 1-to-1 meetings! This system is defintely something that anyone can do in 20 minutes a day, and it brings huge impact.

~ Rita (Fillinger) Thomas, KCP, RitaThomasEnterprises.com

More targeted leads

Laura gave me great insights and useful tips to improve my LinkedIn profile and now I am getting more targeted inquiries. I highly recommend Laura and love working with her.

~ Dotty Scott, PremiumWebsites.net

10 Appointments Per Week!

I have taken Laura's Master Class and advanced training and since implementing her system, I am consistently booking 10 appointments per week from LinkedIn. In addition to her simple but effective LinkedIn training, Laura has a breadth of knowledge that spreads many industries when it comes to business growth strategies. If you want help with LinkedIn or just "out of the box" business strategies that work, I highly recommend you work with Laura.

~ Barbara Johnson, Professional Outsourced Accountant

How it works...

Benefit 1

On Demand Training

As a founding member you have instant access to on-demand trainings with strategies to update your profile and your messaging to attract ideal clients and partners.

Benefit 2

Monthly Office Hours

Every month you'll have a 90-minute open office hours session with Laura and your cohort partners to stay on track and on top of all the best LinkedIn strategies.

Benefit 3

The Barker 20 System

You'll consistently implement the Barker 20 system to enjoy ongoing connections and leads on LinkedIn without all the stress and overwhelm that may have stopped you in the past.

Special Bonus!!!

All Access Pass to LinkedIn Live Master Classes

That's right! Enroll today and get access to the twice monthly LinkedIn Master Classes that normally sell for $37 each.

Secure Your Spot in
The LinkedIn GPS Cohort Now

Benefit 1: On-Demand Training Library with Videos, Worksheets, Templates & Proven Systems for LinkedIn Success ($497 Value)
Benefit 2: Monthly Office Hours with Laura Barker, JD - Get ongoing guidance, advice and up-to-date strategies to consistently have the maximum advantage on LinkedIn ($500 Monthly Value)
Benefit 3: The Barker 20 System - The quick and proven way to fill your pipeline with qualifed leads from LinkedIn in just 20 minutes a day! ($197 Value)
Benefit 4: Support & Accountability - Stay on track and in consistent business growth with the built-in support and accountability. ($500 Monthly Value)
Benefit 5:  Answers at Your Fingertips - Ongoing access to Laura Barker and your cohort partners through our private LinkedIn group. ($197 Monthly Value)
Special Bonus:  All access pass to the twice monthly Live LinkedIn Master Classes so that you are consistently sharpening your skills and strengthening in the land of LinkedIn. ($74 Monthly Value)

Total Value: $1,965


For most of our Members, just 1 new client covers their investment in the Cohort making all the rest pure profits!

Take Action Now ... Your Clients Are on LinkedIn Waiting for You

Absolutely a winner!!!

🎉 Absolutely a WINNER!! I took this course with Mrs. Laura just 1.5 weeks ago and it has totally changed the dynamic of my ability to make connections on LinkedIn. I was able to generate 3 leads, gained an audience of 22 new followers and it's got my business appearing in search results .... AUTHENTIC, ORGANIC, AMAZING..... I highly recommend anyone to take this course and follow Mrs. Laura's instructions... IT WORKS!!! Thank you 💥 🎖 😁

- Nichole Belle | Digital Advertising, Small Business Mentor, Online Entrepreneur

She cracked the code!

I have been working hard to build my LinkedIn presence and even though before working with Laura I was getting 20,000 views per post, I wasn't getting much engagement or sales. After just one session with Laura and implementing her unique approach, I am now getting consistent engagement, meetings and am seeing sales coming in. I am thrilled that Laura showed me how to "Crack the Code" on LinkedIn.

- Jane Lehman | Trusted Advisor for SMBs

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