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One-on-One Coaching Package Special

Experience ongoing effective lead generation with LinkedIn through ongoing support, accountability and mastering your message with Laura Barker, JD.

This package special includes four (4) one-on-one sessions with Laura so that you consistently maximize all the opportunities available to you through LinkedIn.

Suggested Next Steps:

Continue with your Barker 20 for consistent results.
Schedule your sessions with Laura once per quarter.
The one-on-one sessions will support you in reviewing your activities on LinkedIn, revising your messaging (as new opportunities and wealth vehicles arrive) and holding you accountable to keep your LinkedIn engine fueled so that your consistently generating leads, meetings with prospects and closing deals!

4 Sessions with Laura Barker, JD
Normal Rate: $250 per Session (total value $1,000)

Save 50% Today
Only $500 for 4 Sessions

Absolutely a WINNER!!!

🎉 Absolutely a WINNER!! I took this course with Mrs. Laura just 1.5 weeks ago and it has totally changed the dynamic of my ability to make connections on LinkedIn. I was able to generate 3 leads, gained an audience of 22 new followers and it's got my business appearing in search results .... AUTHENTIC, ORGANIC, AMAZING..... I highly recommend anyone to take this course and follow Mrs. Laura's instructions... IT WORKS!!! Thank you 💥 🎖 😁

Nichole Bell

Digital Advertising, Small Business Marketer, Online Entrepreneur

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Targeted Strategy & Real Results

Laura Barker helped me immensely in building my LinkedIn profile and learning how to use it. She taught me inside secrets in maximizing my profile and engagement. With her help, I was able to grow my network far beyond the meager number of contacts I first began working with her. Her care for others and her eagerness to help is invaluable. She is definitely someone who can help you take your game (and your business) to the next level.

Craig Pendleton

Benefit Strategist

About Laura Barker, JD

Contact Info:

(865) 335-4893

Laura Barker is an international business owner and consultant who works with business owners to maximize their growth opportunities while minimizing risk. 

Successful businesses recognize the value of investing in themselves (for marketing lead generation and product development as well as building a strong and secure foundation) while also investing in their employees, who are the lifeblood of the business.

Laura has developed a unique system for consistently booking 1:1 Meetings with your ideal client using LinkedIn. She offers Masterclasses and a host of resources to guide her students to success!

Her business acumen spans across a variety of industries including having founded her own law firm, co-founding an internationally successful retail business and consulting for a wide spectrum of businesses including: manufacturing, retail, professional service businesses, and many more.

Look for her soon to be released book, "The Itty Bitty Book of Cybersecurity: Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared" (Release date Spring 2022)

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